JinFei was incorporated in Mauritius as a domestic company on the 13th of August, 2009. The Company was granted a lease of 211 hectares of land for a period of 93 years by the Government of Mauritius, which is classified as special economic zone. 74 hectares of land will be developed by SHANXI JINFEI INVESTMENT CO. LTD (CHINA) for a Smart City project. The remaining land will be developed into a Freeport Zone, jointly with the Government of Mauritius.

JinFei is a Smart City that invests in human and social capital, traditional infrastructure, and Technology ina sustainable environment. It promotes a good quality life for all residents, colleagues, and visitors.

The development of the JinFei Smart City project started in August 2016, with the Eden Garden and Recreational Square. It will extend over 74 hectares of land and is expected to be completed in 2022.

JinFei is a subsidiary of SHANXI JINFEI INVESTMENT CO. LTD (CHINA) which is a Chinese state owned enterprise. The company has a diversified portfolio of investments across China. SHANXI JINFEI INVESTMENT CO. LTD was incorporated in July 2009 in the People’s Republic of China as an investment Company . It is also the immediate holding company of Jinfei. Its main aim is to develop economic zones in Africa.

About Us


JinFei is located in Riche Terre, on the exquisite island of Mauritius, just 3.5km away from the capital city of Port Louis and less than 1km away from Baie du Tombeau Beach. This accessible location is ideal for businesses and citizens.
Mauritius has witnessed a massive development in the recent decades, transforming from a mono-crop sugarcane-based economy to a robust and diversified economy. The Mauritian economy is now composed of a variety of industries, such as agriculture, financial services, real estate, tourism and information and communication technology. In this new phase of economic development, Mauritius has positioned itself as the investment platform for Africa, by encouraging international organizations to establish their headquarters throughout the country.
Jinfei continues to encourage both local and international development in a variety of industries. There are currently 211 total hectares under development, 74 of which are being developed independently, and 137 are being developed in collaboration with the government.


The Masterplan

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