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The exclusive Smart City of Jinfei is an innovative project created through a collaboration between the government of China and the government of Mauritius as a community for people of diverse backgrounds to work, live, and play.  

The President of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Xi Jinping emphasized the strategic value of adding Mauritius as part of his vision to strengthen international connections between Asia, Europe, and Africa. Mauritius the various regions of the world, creating a culturally diverse and innovative location for all sectors.

JinFei's four primary sectors are:
1.Culture and Tourism  
2.Finance and Business  

JinFei Smart City encourages collaboration between all sectors and creates industry convergence and vitality. It is an innovative leader for smart cities both locally and internationally and serves as a pioneer for innovation and high-end technology in Mauritius.  

Eden square


The distinguishing landmark of JinFei Smart City is a one-of-a-kind building in Mauritius. It is designed for weddings and celebrations for both locals and tourists. This building includes a luxury conference center, a multi-purpose banquet hall, cinemas, high-end karaoke rooms, a bowling alley, catering facilities, and commercial spaces. With a variety of services, Eden garden offers entertainment for everyone!

NOAH wealth center


The Noah Wealth Center is located in the northern part of the Jin-African Cooperation Zone, adjacent to the Du Tombeau River, overlooking the vast Indian Ocean and the lush central mountains, with a beautiful environment and convenient transportation.

Noah Fortune Center is carefully designed by the well-known Beijing Metallurgical Design Institute in China with novel concepts and advanced technology. It is a 4-story building with a total height of 17.05 meters, covering an area of 24,400 square meters, and a total construction area of 12,759 square meters. It has offices , Exhibition, catering, party, conference and other functions. The office area is 6,228 square meters, the multi-function hall is 628 square meters, and there are 6 small and medium-sized meeting rooms, equipped with gymnasium, restaurant, and IDC smart management center.

The Jin-African Cooperation Zone wholeheartedly welcomes people of insight to visit Noah Wealth Center and negotiate business, and look forward to cooperating with the professional management team for joint development, mutual benefit and win-win.

Land Development


The development of the JinFei Smart City project started in August 2016, with the Eden Garden and Recreational Square. It will extend over 74 hectares of land and is expected to be completed in 2022.

JinFei was incorporated in Mauritius as a domestic company on the 13th of August, 2009. The Company was granted a lease by the Government of Mauritius of 211 hectares of land for a period of 93 years, which is classified as special economic zone. 74 hectares of land will be developed by SIG for a Smart City project. The remaining land will be developed into a Freeport zone, jointly with the Government of Mauritius.


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